People Buy From People: How to tell your story

When considering your business’s unique selling point, it can be all too easy to get caught up in technical points: how a product’s produced; how it’s packaged; how it looks/tastes/works...
But, in reality, there is unlikely to ever be a part of your business that’s more unique or, in fact, more sellable than you, the person behind the brand.

All companies exist far beyond what they sell. In every successful business is a story of determination, passion and love from the people who dedicate significant parts of their lives to make it happen. And, in every successful business person, is a reason that they are driven to succeed. To hide these stories from customers is to present an incomplete, less personal image of your brand.
People buy from people. With the ever-growing rise of social media, connecting with customers (whether potential or regular ones) has never been more accessible or necessary. When sharing your products and services online, share snippets of the story behind the brand, adding a familiar face and relatable tale to the business’s online personality.

A key to human marketing on social media is interaction. Responding to comments, following customers and sharing the online love will increase the chances of more people ‘liking’ you back.
Of course, your offline presence is just as (if not more) important in building long-lasting relationships with your customers. In the good-old-fashioned way of selling, learn the names of the people who visit your business, remember their repeat orders and invest time in getting to know them.

In return, allow customers to get to know you; a perfect way to spark conversations about your story is to include photos and mementos from the company’s history in store, in the office and/or online depending on the nature of your business.

Even subtle details such as adding hand-written thank you notes along with sold packages can make a big impact on how customers view you and your company, adding a warm, personal touch to business transactions.

Remind the buyer of the human behind the brand, and remember the human behind the purchase. Sometimes the smallest touches make the biggest differences, and they will allow customers to see you as more than a business - they will see you as a person with a story to tell, and you will be surprised how many will want to listen.